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Flipping Education Lesson Plans

Our lesson plans provide the gymnastic class with a month's worth of ideas... including all of the components necessary for a developmentally appropriate and fun class. Includes the following areas:
*Warm Up Activities
*Vault Stations & Drills
*Bars and Upper Body Strength
*Balancing games on beam that work on focus, balance and movement
*Tumbling stations that review skills with many different variations for fun and success
*Songs, Games, Manipulative & Fine Motor Activities, Coloring Sheets and Prop Ideas
*"What Are We Learning" descriptions to help with handouts.

The lesson plan is a record of your lesson and students' activity. It provides consistency from teacher to teacher during the week and month. Appropriate activities are taught for each ability and age level of child.
Lesson Plans:
*Track skills, progressions
*Build in a logical manner
*Check time-frame for introduction and exposure to skills.
*Provides legal documentation of equipment used and progressions to skills introduced
*These add variety for the children as they attend class week after week. Repetition is important and by altering the scenario slightly, the children get the benefit of repeating skills in different ways without becoming bored. Parents appreciate the imaginative nature of theme lesson plans. Themes will reinforce your message of lesson plan objectives making them easier for the children to remember.

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