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Music enhances learning in Children! Flipping Education has teamed up with Kimbo Education to promote music in gymnastics classes. The music listed below is ready to be shipped to you as soon as you place an order. What a great way to make your classes more lively!

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2016 Flipping Education
Our Price: $22.00

This is an incredible CD to purchase for your preschool program. We took our favorite songs and had them turned into one CD. This will keep you full of movement activities all year long. Supplies will be limited so please order as soon as the CD is released! You will love this one!

Teach A Toddler
Our Price: $22.00

Upbeat action songs teach children the all-important concepts of colors and shapes.

Action Songs for Preschoolers
Our Price: $22.00

Here's a collection of rhythmic activities. Some children thrive when they can combine different styles of learning; rhythmic activities using a manipulative, plus music and movement may be just right for these kids.
Arms Up, Keep Moving
Our Price: $22.00

Kids will love these clever original songs which emphasize important simple body movements involving the coordination of the head, hand, arm and leg muscles. Celebrate learning and moving with vibrant songs including Arms Up!, Keep Movin', Point, Yes, Yes, Row, Swim, Shake and more.
Baby Face
Our Price: $22.00

Infants and toddlers can share in these delightful and appropriate learning experiences. Familiar baby songs set the mood for introducing simple rhythms and playful exercises. Guide with lyrics and activities.
Body Bingo
Our Price: $22.00

Fun-filled Bean Bag and scarf activities. Play in an open area with space for moving around, catching and throwing. No physical contact! Be careful, participate and have fun! There is no right or wrong way to do these creative activities.
It's Toddler Time
Our Price: $22.00

Activities and exercises created specifically for toddler fitness and development. Guide with lyrics and activities.

Toddlers On Parade
Our Price: $22.00

Watch the very young learn to enjoy movement. Adaptable for infants also. Fingerplays, nursery rhymes, motor activities and more. Guide with lyrics and activities.