Teach A Toddler


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These playful songs for learning will help your toddler master and refine basic age-appropriate skills, and learn to move with better coordination. The songs are cute and will delight little ones.
Ages 3 to 7
Song List
1. Hello Time-Hello Song, Tickle Me
2. Lossening up-See-Saw, See-Saw, Sit Ups Three
3. Body Awareness and Rhythms- Sneeze Game, Twinkle
4. Finger Play-Two Little Dickey Birds, Roly Poly
5. The Circle Game- Ring Around The Jungle
6. Pretending and Loocomotion- Little Grasshopper, Gi
7. Show Off Medley- Happy Feet, Jack In The Box
8. Hello Time-(Hello Song)
9. Loosening Up- Shake about, Tippy Toe
10. Body Awareness-Teddy Bear. Nose to Nose
11. Finger Play-Three Little Monkeys, Hickory, Dickory
12. Rhythms-This Is The Way We Clap Our Hands, Walk,
13. The Circle Game
14. Pretending And Locomotion-Visiting The Petting Zoo
15. Show Off Medley-Bottoms Up!, The Elephant, Peanut
16. My Baby Just Cares For Me