A Baker’s Dozen Plans


Set up your year of lessons. Get one extra too.  Pick your own lessons from our list.  Select some for each time of the year and other fun ones too.

ABC's and 1,2,3's

Here's the best start to your year.  All children love letters and numbers.

Alligator Alley

Animals Balances

Yoga balances like animals along with gymnastics skills make this lesson fun.

Apples in Autumn

Get your year started with a great theme.  Introduce all the basics, safety, equipment, shapes, etc.

Balancing Scarecrows

Everyone needs to practice balancing.  This is all about it!


Bugs is a great summertime theme.  They fly, crawl, slither, creep.  All great locomotor skills to practice.

Camp Skeeter


Fun imagination.  Great ideas to use for props.


Balancing, rolling, trying tricks.  All Carnival games are a fun addition to class.

Clowning Around

Color Crazy

Learning colors and using them in our stations helps children learn valuable readiness skills.

Dashing Through the Snow

Winter themes help work on balance, strength, and skill development with fun prop ideas.

Dinosaurs All Around

Dinosaurs stomp, fly, swim, make noise and slither.  All kids know about dinosaurs.  Use this plan for fun interaction.

Do You Know the Gym?

Teach children the names of equipment.  Safety rules, and basics for class.

Fancy Feet

Many movement activities across the floor.  Strong legs are important for all skills

Flower Power

Let's plant flowers, grow from a seed, and use fun imaginary movements to get stronger.


Partner Games, cooperative learning and caring and sharing are all great topics.

Head to Toe

Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes.  What a great way to start class.  Children need to understand where their body is in space to do gymnastics skills.

Hop To It!

Get them moving. Hopping on one foot, jumping with two feet, skipping during this lesson plan.

Jump Aboard the Pirate Ship

Peg leg jumps, parachute games, seagulls, and "Ahoy Matie" are all part of this fun lesson.

Let it Shine

Show it off.  Teach them stretch and finish.  TA DA makes kids feel good.

Let the Games Begin

Share with your students all the different sports that make up the Olympic Games in Rio this year.

Let's Pretend

Children start to use their imagination at age 3.  Use this as a way of learning, having fun and moving in different ways!

Let's Talk Turkey

Cartwheels everywhere are part of this lesson.  The Turkey Wobble is a great song to add from the Flipping Education CD.

Meet Me at the Castle

What a fun way to learn gymnastics activities with Princes and
Princesses, Dragons and Unicorns

Mighty Muscles

Arctic Animals

Brrr, it's cold outside.  Some animals live in the cold.  Use these for fun activities this month.

Outer Space Invasion

Outer Space is so much fun.  Frisbees are a great prop for using and flying saucers and strength games.

Paint the Rainbow

Colors, numbers, shapes, letters and sequencing are Kindergarten Readiness activities.   The Rainbow is a great way to reinforce colors!

Petting Zoo

This lesson gives us the opportunity to work
on upper body strength, coordination and balance by including those animals in
fun ways.

Pumpkin Power

Stop, Drop, and Roll is a life skill for children to practice.  October provides fall fun, Fire Safety, and more.

Puppy Love

Who doesn't love Puppies?  Here are fun ways to use puppy activities and Valentine games!

Red, White and Blue

Body part identification, safety rolls, and tumbling skills appropriate are in this lesson.

Right Side, Left Side

Everything you do on the right side, you should do on the left side.

Run, Run Gingerbread Man!

Changing something small like the prop makes it a whole
new game for children.  Run run Gingerbread Man gives us many fun ways to run, jump, land.

Safari Fun

Animal Walks promote upper body strength, coordination and balance.  These are some new friends to work with!

Seashore Surprise

There are so many things to add to class about the Seashore and beach.

Sharks Alive

Sharks are always a great topic.  Themes work when children know something about them.  This is a great one.

Silly Snowflake

This is a great lesson to include funadamental movement skills, sliding, throwing, rolling!

Spring Fever

Spring is in the air.  New baby animals.  Things grow. fun additions to class

Things that Fly

Birds, butterflies and bugs are fun in the Spring or anytime.  Learn butterfly hands for handstands!

Things That Go

What's more fun than moving like a car, truck, plane, bus, ship?  Easy to follow ideas for young ones.

Tumbling Tornadoes

Jumps with turns, combining skills for sequences which are part of Kindergarten readiness are all included.

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

Let's follow patterns of movement, and feel like a STAR.

What's in the Desert?

Animal walks promote upper body strength.  Combinations help children learn sequencing.

Whirling, Twirling Leaves

Jumping, lalnding, rolling and falling are all parts of this month!

Who Let the Dogs Out?

Here are fun things to do with a dog theme.  Puppy dog rolls!

Winter Wonderland

Here's a month's worth of winter fun ideas.

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Build your own Baker’s Dozen!

Preschool Lesson Plans

The Baker’s Dozen Lesson Plans allow you to customize your own year with themes that are appropriate for the season, activities that are challenging, different, fun and appropriate for preschoolers. Pick 13 lessons for your year. Each lesson is a month’s worth of curriculum. Each lesson plan includes:

 Warm Up activities

 Circuits of movement to get started

 Vault stations and drills

 Bars and upper body strength

 Balancing games on beam that work on focus, balance, movement

 Tumbling stations that review skills with many different variations for fun and success

 Songs, Games, Manipulative and Fine Motor Activities, color sheets, and prop ideas

 Description of What are we Learning? to help with your handouts.