Parenting Tips to Use with Parenting & Me Classes


Words to share with Parents in Parent and Child Class.

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When you are teaching parenting and me classes its great to give the parents tips and advice. We have put together a lot of information you can share at each class or place into a monthly newsletter. This is a great help to you and a wonderful way to educate parents who may be new to the happiness of parenting! Here are two of the tips that we list in this document. There are a lot of great pieces of information like these!

  • Dangers Lurking in Your Home- have you thought about making your house child proof? Take a look around your house and see what things are lurking in low places. Places that your child could reach very easily, we sometimes do not realize what is in lower areas of the room like electrical outlets. Make sure you sit on the floor in each room and look around and see what could be potentially dangerous to your child.


  • Without enough sleep, not only would our performance at work or school be hurt, we also look tired and feel depressed, irritable, and angry. How much sleep is enough? It’s different from person to person by age. National Sleep Foundation provides a breakdown of the recommended number of hours of sleep people need by age (*including naps): (0- 2months) need 101/2 to 18 hours (2 – 12 months) 14 – 15 hours (12-18 months)13 to 15 hours* (18 months-3 years)12 to 14 hours* (3-5 years).11 to 13 hours* (5-12 years) .9 to 11 hours ADOLESCENTS…8-1/2 to 9-1/2 hours ADULTS…7 to 9 hours.